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Media Layer API

<script src="//" 
data-dm-dealership-id="DEALERMADE DEALERSHIP ID" 
data-dm-vehicle-vin="VEHICLE VIN"></script>

The above script will insert the media layer next to the script tag.

Required attributes of script tag:

By default, the media layer will be placed in the same element as the script tag. However, the media layer can be displayed ina different area, with the folliwing placement attributes. Note that they are mutually exclusive, and not to be used in conjunction with one another. Only ONE of the following optional attributes should be used per script tag:

Other optional attributes:

The media layer will remain invisible until pictures have been taken for the vehicle using the dealermade photo studio, also the element ids listed in data-dm-element-ids-to-hide will not be hidden unless the media layer has loaded with pictures.

Example Media Layer Implementation:

<script src="//" 
data-dm-hide-element-ids="dtlExpand dtlExpand2"></script>

Thumbnail API

We currently have two alternatives for a thumbnail API:

  1. Thumbnail Image URL API
  2. Thumbnail JavaScript API

Please choose the API that is most convenient for you.

1. Thumbnail Image URL API DEALERSHIP ID/vehicles/VEHICLE VIN/images/PICTURE SIZE.jpg?default_image_url=[your image url for the vehicle goes here]

Required parameters in the image url:

Example Thumbnail Image API Implementation:

<img src="//"/>

2. Thumbnail JavaScript API

To add our thumbnail javascript API, just add our javascript tag to any page that have thumbnails:

<script data-dealership-id="DEALERMADE DEALERSHIP ID" src="//">

And add the data-thumbnail-vin html attribute populated with the vehicle vin to any image tags for vehicles.

<img src="Your image url here" data-thumbnail-vin="VEHICLE VIN HERE">

Support - Having trouble with our media layer?

Please contact us at (888) 403-9143.