API Docoumentation

Media Layer API

<script src="//" 
data-dm-dealership-id="DEALERMADE DEALERSHIP ID" 
data-dm-vehicle-vin="VEHICLE VIN"></script>

The above script will insert the media layer next to the script tag.

Required attributes of script tag:

By default, the media layer will be placed in the same element as the script tag. However, the media layer can be displayed in a different area, with the folliwing placement attributes:

Other optional attributes:

The media layer will remain invisible until pictures have been taken for the vehicle using the dealermade photo studio, also the element ids listed in data-dm-element-ids-to-hide will not be hidden unless the media layer has loaded with pictures.

Example Media Layer Implementation:

<script src="//" 
data-dm-element-ids-to-hide="dtlExpand dtlExpand2"></script>

Thumbnail API

We currently have two alternatives for a thumbnail API:

  1. Thumbnail Image URL API
  2. Thumbnail JavaScript API

Please choose the API that is most convenient for you.

1. Thumbnail Image URL API DEALERSHIP ID/vehicles/VEHICLE VIN/images/PICTURE SIZE.jpg?default_image_url=[your image url for the vehicle goes here]

Required parameters in the image url:

Example Thumbnail Image API Implementation:

<img src="//"/>

2. Thumbnail JavaScript API

To add our thumbnail javascript API, just add our javascript tag to any page that have thumbnails:

<script data-dealership-id="DEALERMADE DEALERSHIP ID" src="//">

And add the data-thumbnail-vin html attribute populated with the vehicle vin to any image tags for vehicles.

<img src="Your image url here" data-thumbnail-vin="VEHICLE VIN HERE">

Support - Having trouble with our media layer?

Please contact us at (888) 403-9143.